Making Your Space a Plant Paradise

So you’re deciding to add some green in your life. Exciting times! Looking at greenery is very beneficial in improving focus, performance on tasks, and gives your space an aesthetic edge. Soak up the excitement, but also remember there are things you need to learn before becoming a Plant Parent. Here’s some basics you should know:

It’s No Longer About You

Plants aren’t like pets or small humans that require a lot of your attention, but they still need attention. Just like anything else that you devote your time to, a plant needs you to carve some time devoted to tending to them or you won’t have a plant long at all. Make plant care apart of your weekly routine whether it is a Sunday or any of the other 6 days out of the week. 5 minutes consistently every week will result in a happy healthy plant.

Your Plant Parenting Style

It is important to know your style! Are you one to be a free-range parent letting your plants do whatever or a helicopter parent, watching over the plant and give it a little extra attention? Know what type of plant parent style you are could save you from destroying your plant paradise. Those indestructible plants could in fact destruct if over watered or watered too little . Know your plant and know your style.

Plants Get Sick

You get sick, pets get sick, small humans get sick, so yes, your plant can get sick too. There might be a number of different symptoms a houseplant can suffer from, but the worst are mildew and insects, and both are typically the product of too much moisture. You can defend against dampness by testing the soil before watering and making sure your plant has adequate light. If your plant does come down with something, insecticidal soap and diatomaceous earth are two good cure-alls (You can DIY these cures if on a budget).

The Growing Pains

There’s not always going to be a perfect home for your plants. If there was you would’ve never taken it home from the greenhouse. You can’t control the amount of light that comes into your space or even keep it humid enough for how your plants like it. But you can be mindful of what plants you bring home. Do your homework and make sure that your plant and your home can be good roommates. Choose plants that are suited to your space’s conditions—whether that’s dim or drafty or blistering in the afternoon sun. And if you do this and a plant doesn’t seem to be thriving right off the bat, give it time. There’s an adjustment period as your plant gets used to its new environment.

Having More

Once you bang out a plant routine for your flourishing paradise, you’re probably going to start planning your next family addition. That’s perfect for you because plants look great in groups. Lastly plants give life and you keeping them alive will make you feel alive, be patient and let it grow. Now you’re ready for a little addition of your own.

Dedicated to Mr. Official, may the green thumb Gods bring your plants to good health.