Starting the New Decade

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Most people make New Year’s resolutions that they fail to keep up with. It’s great to set goals you want to accomplish, but what are goals without the steps? 2020 isn’t just a start of a new year, but it marks the start of a new decade. Remember back to who and what you were doing in 2010, drastically different huh? Now rewind back to half a decade ago, 2015, not the same situation as 2010 or 2019 right? Whether those years were good to you or bad, you are not in the same situation you were a decade ago. So lets slow down, reflect on those years, and create steps for your 2020 goals to give yourself a fresh start in the new decade.

Creating Goals 

It’s important to have goals, but don’t overwhelm yourself with 10 different goals. Start with writing down 3 different goals you want to accomplish first. Writing it down helps you visualize your goals and to hold yourself accountable. Writing down how you will tackle those goals is just as important. Those steps will build the foundation for you to maneuver into crossing that list of goals off, creating room for new ones. You don’t need to be elaborate when writing your goals down, just something simple will get the job done:

“My goal is to be more organized”

Step 1 – Declutter my space, throw/sell/donate everything I don’t need by Jan. 31st

Establish Good Habits 

With all the chaos going on don’t forget to be kind to yourself, start making good habits and continuously do them for 66 days. It takes about 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic, so stick with it! If no one has told you this yet… here are some habits we all can work on:

  • Wash your face and brush your teeth every single day and night. You don’t want to just start the new year fresh, but you want to start everyday feeling fresh.
  • Make making your bed every morning the first task you accomplish.
  • Stop spending money on unnecessary things, instead save the amount of the item you were going to buy and ball out on something you actual want.
  • Call your friends and family more often, at least once a week. We are all going through it and it’s nice to hear from someone you care about.

Good Things Take Time

Enjoy Yourself! 

Everyone deserves a break from their everyday routines so don’t forget to give your self time to enjoy things in 2020, you will have a life time to work. With that being said, don’t slack off and most importantly don’t compare yourself to others success. Work hard when it come to your craft/profession, apply yourself, continuously learn, and create new things. Remember you are the one who defines success in your book. There’s no better feeling than enjoying some well deserved free time knowing you worked for it.

As we prepare to say goodbye to the 2019 and the decade, remember that there are no limits to what you can accomplish! Set those goals and accomplish them, break old habits and make better ones, and lastly treat yourself 2020. Don’t let this fresh start pass you by again. Let this year, be YOUR year. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Felling positive? Share you goals in the comments and with @not.angg on Instagram