Stay Home, Stop the Spread, Save Lives – Quarantine Tips!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted lives across the world in more than one way. While it is easy to point fingers and feel like life is spinning out of control, it won’t beat this devastating virus. We are advised to stay inside, avoid social interactions, wash our hands, and practice good health hygiene – exactly where does that leave our sanity? As introverted as some of us are, socializing, working, and being active is an essential part of our lives. While it is easy to act selfishly and disregard all things advised by the CDC/WHO by continuing to go out, remember that it is not just your life you are putting at risk, but others, and most importantly healthcare providers who are there to help those who are sick. Instead, here are some things you can practice from home to make this quarantine less cramped.

1. Having a Morning Routine

It’s hard to find the sweet spot of how much we should be using our phones in the morning, especially during our current state. There’s a balance of checking social media and finding out what is happening in the world, but trust me on this, everyone is still bored at home (or so we hope). Create a morning routine that helps make you feel less caged about commuting from the bed to the living room. Wake up, freshen that breath, moisturize the sleeping beast away, and enjoy that cup of tea/coffee just for your self with no rush, because today there is no traffic.

As simple as it may sound, incorporate making your bed and changing your outfit into your mornings. While wearing your pajamas all day sounds amazing, wearing it all day every day can take a toll on your emotions and productivity. It’s your time to truly flex and wear those outfits that you don’t wear, because yes, you look good! Making your bed creates a separation between sleep time and chill time, forcing you to not want to jump right back in. Don’t beat your self up for sleeping in here and there or want to wear pajamas all day. The importance is to just take the time to make mornings a separate segment from the day, allowing you to pause, enjoy the coffee, and feel like the day isn’t just one long never ending quarantine.

2. Explore Different Creative Avenues

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas where something new or valuable is formed. It is not a strict definition meaning you have to paint, draw, make music, or anything along the lines of the typical definition of what “creatives” do. Creativity is fluid and has no restraints to it. Take this ample amount of time to freshen up old creatives skills you have or learn new ones that you’ve always wanted to try. I can’t help you figure out what your likes and wants are when figuring out creative avenues, but I can tell you a couple of things I’ve been doing hoping that it might inspire you:

I’ve been reading at least 10 minutes a day to help get my creative writing juices flowing. Writers’ block is real and I’ve been stuck with it for a while. A lot of my friends are music producer/DJs, working a lot with sound, while that isn’t my passion I used them as motivation to incorporate sound into my writings. Not like a podcast completely, but like an audible, which hopefully will be provided to you in future blog post to come! Secondly, I’ve been dabbling in sewing. I enjoy clothes a lot and recently find it hard to fit into clothes as my weight fluctuates. Using Youtube University, I have slowly been learning how to tailor my clothes and eventually create some. You can try almost anything you desire even if that means shooting a mini-movie on your phone, time is on your side.

3. Call Your Family & Friends

If you are feeling lonely during times of isolation, then most likely your friends and family members are too. Don’t be afraid to reach out and give them a call. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t safely interact with people you love. Check up on them, make sure they are practicing safe measures, or even drop care packages off at their home if possible (without touching exterior things and disinfect it of course). Keep in mind that some people are working from home and while they do have time, be considerate that they aren’t always available to interact with you. You can even set workout challenges up between your circle to keep everyone active and endorphins levels up. For those who are suffocated by family members, roommates, or significant others during this quarantine, remember sitting in your car alone or taking long showers is a safe way to escape. If you are lucky enough to have access to run away from your problems, I suggest you do that and go on a run/walk. I understand it’s hard to always be inside and I know how hard it is to be stuck with your parents. It is a lonely time, but you don’t have to be alone.

We all are going through this devastating disaster as a whole world, but the more we distance ourselves from each other physically, the faster we will all heal. There is no real true advice I can give anyone because there’s not much we can do. Finding routines, sleeping in, working, it is all the same day after day because we are staying inside for the better of mankind. It’s hard, I understand, but it’s not about you or me, it’s a selfless time. I just hope that you can try some of my suggestions and make being home as normal as possible.

Stay Home, Stop the Spread, Stay Safe.